Title: Family Lovers and Naughty Schooldays: An Erotic Anthology, Author: Olaf Sigurdsen PhD
Title: It's All Relative: An Erotic Anthology, Author: Bill Foster
Title: Sexually Adventurous, Author: Mo Beevir
Title: The Spell of the Yukon, Author: Robert W. Service
Title: With Honour in Battle, Author: J T McDaniel
Title: Coming Out: A Dark Comedy in Two Acts, Author: J. T. McDaniel
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Title: Blackout & Other Stories, Author: J.T. McDaniel
Title: Hamlet, Author: William Shakespeare
Title: The Life of Horatio, Lord Nelson (Riverdale Books edition), Author: Robert Southey
Title: Bacalao, Author: J.T. McDaniel
Title: The Riverdale Vampire Collection: Classic and Modern Vampire Stories, Author: J. T. McDaniel
Title: The Alukam, Author: Jacob Thomson
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Title: The Sixth Victim & Other Plays, Author: J.T. McDaniel
Title: A Voyage to the South Sea, Author: William Bligh