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Title: The Motherless Oven, Author: Rob Davis
Title: The Complete Don Quixote, Author: Miguel de Cervantes
Title: Ghost Squad #1: Rise of the Black Legion, Author: Albert Pike
Title: Captain Hazzard: Custer's Ghost, Author: Ron Fortier
Title: Holmes and Houdini, Author: I.A. Watson
Title: Sherlock Holmes - the Baron's Revenge, Author: Gary Lovisi
Title: Scimidar, Author: R.A. Jones
Title: Sherlock Holmes The Picture of Innocence, Author: Chuck Miller
Title: Captain Hazzard: Curse of the Red Maggot, Author: Ron Fortier
Title: Captain Hazzard: Cavemen of New York, Author: Ron Fortier
Title: The Can Opener's Daughter, Author: Rob Davis
Title: Robin Hood: Forbidden Legend, Author: I.A. Watson
Title: Robin Hood: King of Sherwood, Author: I.A. Watson
Title: Brother Bones the Undead Avenger, Author: Ron Fortier
Title: Brother Bones, Author: Ron Fortier
Title: Gridiron - First Down Nook Edition, Author: David Boop Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Secret Agent X - Volume One, Author: Ron Fortier
Title: Witchfire, Author: Ardath Mayhar
Title: Robin Hood-Freedom's Outlaw, Author: I.A. Watson
Title: Merlin: The Legend Begins, Author: R.A. Jones

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