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Title: Bagne, or, Criteria for Heaven, Author: Rob McLennan
Title: The Ottawa City Project: Poems by Rob McLennan, Author: rob mclennan
Title: Name,an Errant, Author: Rob McLennan
Title: Notes and Dispatches, Author: Rob Mclennan
Title: Glengarry, Author: rob mclennan
Title: Bury Me Deep in the Green Wood, Author: Rob McLennan
Title: Side/Lines: A New Canadian Poetics, Author: rob mclennan
Title: Subverting the Lyric, Author: Rob McLennan Read an excerpt of this book!
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Title: Stone, book one, Author: Rob Mclennan
Title: Ottawa: The Unknown City, Author: rob mclennan
Title: Decalogue: Ten Ottawa Poets, Author: rob mclennan
Title: Shadowy Technicians: New Ottawa Poets, Author: Rob McLennan
Title: Missing Persons, Author: Rob McLennan
Title: Manitoba Highway Map, Author: Rob McLennan
Title: Families, Lovers, and Their Letters: Italian Postwar Migration to Canada, Author: Sonia Cancian
Title: A perimeter, Author: rob mclennan
Title: The Uncertainty Principle, Author: Rob Mclennan
Title: gifts, Author: rob mclennan
Title: Paper Hotel, Author: Rob McLennan
Title: A Compact of Words, Author: Rob McLennan

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