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Title: Between Wittenberg and Geneva: Lutheran and Reformed Theology in Conversation, Author: Carl R. Trueman
Title: The Book of Concord: The Confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church / Edition 2, Author: Robert Kolb
Title: Martin Luther and the Enduring Word of God: The Wittenberg School and Its Scripture-Centered Proclamation, Author: Robert Kolb
Title: Martin Luther's Travel Guide: 500 Years of the 95 Theses: On the Trail of the Reformation in Germany, Author: Cornelia Dömer
Title: The Genius of Luther's Theology: A Wittenberg Way of Thinking for the Contemporary Church, Author: Robert Kolb
Title: The Oxford Handbook of Martin Luther's Theology, Author: Robert Kolb
Title: Lives and Writings of the Great Fathers of the Lutheran Church, Author: Timothy Schmeling
Title: Luther and the Stories of God: Biblical Narratives as a Foundation for Christian Living, Author: Robert Kolb
Title: Martin Luther on Reading the Bible as Christian Scripture: The Messiah in Luther's Biblical Hermeneutic and Theology, Author: William M. Marsh
Title: Martin Luther: Confessor of the Faith, Author: Robert Kolb
Title: Martin Luther: As Prophet, Teacher, Hero, Author: Robert Kolb
Title: Speaking The Gospel Today, Author: Robert Kolb
Title: Nikolaus von Amsdorf (1483-1565): Popular Polemics in the Preservation of Luther's Legacy, Author: Robert Kolb
Title: God's Timeline: An Introduction to Theology for Laypeople, Author: Rick Meyer
Title: Research Handbook on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Author: Robert Kolb
Title: Martin Luther: Companion of the Contemporary Christian, Author: D. Lumpp
Title: Solutions Manual to Accompany Futures, Options and Swaps, Author: Robert Kolb
Title: Advanced Introduction to International Humanitarian Law, Author: Robert Kolb
Title: Philip Melanchthon: Theologian - in Classroom, Confession, and Controversy, Author: Irene Dingel
Title: Luther's Wittenberg World: The Reformer's Family, Friends, Followers, and Foes, Author: Robert Kolb Pre-Order Now

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