Title: A City Built By Giants: The Architectural Masters That Shaped Buffalo, New York, Author: Austin R. Clark
Title: Sweet Pete, what do you eat?, Author: Jody Chesko
Title: How to eat a Buffalo: Recipes Inspired by Our City's Great Iconic Foods, Author: Mark Donnelly
Title: The Tales, Tails, and Trails of Triple Creek, Author: Andrea Todaro
Title: A PARANORMAL INTRIGUE: The First Book of The Whistlers, Author: Mason Winfield
Title: Niagara Falls: Survivor of the Ice Age: The Natural History of the Niagara River and its Gorge, Author: Paul A Young
Title: Western New York - There's So Much To Love: Photography by Dr. Mark Donnelly and more than a dozen top photographers, Author: Mark Donnelly
Title: Harboring History: The Heritage Behind Buffalo's 200-Year-Old Overnight Success, Author: Michael N Vogel
Title: Sharing the WEALTH, Author: Jack Dempsey
Title: The Boys of Cortlandt & The Iron Men of Croton, Author: Peter J Gorton
Title: Celebrating Buffalo's Waterfront, Author: Bill Zimmermann
Title: Dirty Tricks in the Garden, Author: Jackie Albarella
Title: Creative Spaces: The Western New York Artist Studio Project, Author: Richard W Christian
Title: Monster in the Morning, Author: Thomas McDonnell
Title: Max Finds A Rainbow, Author: Judie Glaser
Title: Color Niagara Falls: New York History and Science Series, Author: Veronica Young
Title: Professional Practice for Physician Assistants, Author: Elyse Watkins
Title: Unresectable: Keeper of the cure, Author: Amy Glover
Title: Hot Happens: Searching for the humor in menopause, and other funny stories, Author: Jackie Albarella
Title: If I Were A Giant, Author: Cat Congdon

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