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Title: Anastasia: No Strings Attached (Vol. 2), Author: Ana Vela
Title: Anastasia (Vol. 1 - Her First Position), Author: Ana Vela
Title: Alpha Trio: Vol. 1 - Cats & Dogs, Author: Ana Vela
Title: Bared Desires: The Naked Truth - Book One, Author: Mason Lee
Title: Study Break (Learning Desire - Vol. 1), Author: Mason Lee
Title: Hidden Chances: The Introduction - Volume One, Author: Sofia Paz
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Title: New Start (Shades of Greene - Vol. 1), Author: Ana Vela
Title: New Rider (The Beasts MC - Volume One), Author: Mason Lee
Title: Starting Over (Texas Desires - Vol. 1), Author: Aubrey Skye
Title: New Case (Tangled Up - Vol. 1), Author: Emma Brown
Title: Secrets in Spain (Chasing Dreams - Vol. 1), Author: Ana Vela
Title: In His Dreams: Vol. 1 - Secrets, Author: Mason Lee
Title: The House by the Lake: A Post-Apocalyptic Novella, Author: Robert Paine
Title: Temptation (Finding the One - Volume One), Author: Aubrey Skye
Title: The Discovery (The Secret Princess - Vol. 1), Author: Sophia Gray
Title: Changes (Dylan's List - Vol. 1), Author: Mason Lee
Title: Changing Plans (Rocked Love - Vol. 2), Author: Emma Brown
Title: Going Country (Collins Ranch - Book One), Author: Ana Vela
Title: The Visitor (A Secret Past - Volume One), Author: Norah Black
Title: The Wild (Shifting Passions - Volume 1), Author: Ana Vela

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