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Title: Travelers: A Novel, Author: Donald Altman
Title: Walks With Sam: A Man, a Dog, and a Season of Awakening, Author: David  W. Berner
Title: Free Marcus Katz: A Curated Collection of Yelp Reviews - A Novel, Author: Howard  Marc Chesley
Title: Sandman: A Golf Tale, Author: David  W. Berner
Title: Archibald Mountbank and the Miniscule Miracles, Author: G. A. Milnthorpe
Title: Life, Slightly: A Novel, Author: Nigel  Jay Cooper
Title: Three Legs in the Evening: A Novel, Author: Bette Ann Moskowitz author of Do I Know You? A Family's Journey Through Aging and Alzheimer's Pre-Order Now
Title: One Day In June, Author: Sam Martin
Title: Angel at the Paradise Hotel: A Novel, Author: Teresa O'Driscoll Pre-Order Now
Title: Hadrian's Trader, Author: Richard Yeo
Title: Talking with Angel about Illness, Death and Survival: A Novel, Author: Evelyn Elsaesser Pre-Order Now
Title: And This Shall Be My Dancing Day: A Novel, Author: Jennifer Kavanagh Pre-Order Now
Title: The Miracle of Anna: An Awakened Child, Author: John Nelson
Title: Steal a Few Cents, Author: Rupert Smith
Title: Red Dress: A Novel, Author: Bridget Finklaire
Title: The Greater Thief, Author: Alexandra Carey
Title: Entangled Lives, Author: Imran Omer
Title: To Fear, With Love, Author: Helen Jane Rose
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Title: Shortage of Angels: A Novel, Author: Penny Pickle Pre-Order Now
Title: Bridge Jumping: A Novel, Author: Kathleen Ready Dayan Pre-Order Now

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