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Title: Rock, Author: David Armentrout Armentrout
Title: Rescue and Repair(Friendly Phonics Series), Author: Cindy Leaney
Title: Correctional Facilities, Author: Zachary A. Kelly
Title: Keeping Money Safe, Author: Jason Cooper
Title: Trappers and Mountain Men, Author: Anastasia Suen
Title: Columbus and the Age of Explorers, Author: NO AUTHORSHIP
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Title: Territorios de Estados Unidos, Author: Linda Thompson
Title: Insectos, Author: Ted Ohare
Title: Arctic Appetizers: Studying Food Webs in the Arctic, Author: Gwendolyn Hooks
Title: Cerca y Lejos/Near And Far, Author: Luana Mitten
Hardcover $17.37 $22.79 Current price is $17.37, Original price is $22.79.
Title: Gravity, Author: Melinda Lilly
Hardcover $16.10 $20.64 Current price is $16.10, Original price is $20.64.
Title: ¿Qué Es Más Grande Que Yo?: Un Libro Acerca de Las Medidas = a Book about Measurements, Author: Nancy Harris
Title: Fastest, Author: David Armentrout
Title: Pilgrim, Author: Melinda Lilly
Title: Sun, Author: Lynn Stone
Title: Robert la Salle, Author: Trish Kline
Title: Basketball: Pass, Shoot, and Dribble, Author: Bryant Lloyd
Title: MP3 Players (Let's Explore Science), Author: Jeanne Sturm
Title: Sorting the Elements: The Periodic Table at Work (Let's Explore Science), Author: Ian Barber
Title: Hideouts and Training Camps, Author: David Baker

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