Title: What Are The Branches of Democracy?, Author: Ann H. Matzke
Title: I Use Science Tools, Author: Kelli Hicks
Title: My Math Toolbox, Author: Nancy Allen
Title: Curious Case of the Ransom Riddler, Author: Kyla Steinkraus
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Title: Dirt Bikes, Author: Gary Sprott
Title: Meeting Mimi: A Story About Different Abilities, Author: Francie Dolan
Title: Living Or Nonliving?, Author: Kelli Hicks
Title: Al Capone Does My Shirts, Author: Lisa Kurkov
Title: Jeeps, Author: Gary Sprott
Title: Our Footprint On Earth, Author: Jeanne Sturm
Title: Esperanza Rising, Author: Lisa Kurkov
Title: Celebrations Around the World, Author: Katy Duffield
Title: ¿Qué comen las aves?: What Do Birds Eat?, Author: Santiago Ochoa
Title: I Look Like My Mother, Author: Julie Lundgren
Title: The Bilingual Fairy Tales Gingerbread Man: El Hombre de Pan de Jengibre, Author: Catherine McCafferty
Title: Animal Abilities, Author: Tracie Santos
Title: Animal Groups, Author: Clara MacCarald
Title: Naomi Osaka, Author: Mary  Hertz Scarbrough
Title: Empujar y jalar: Push and Pull, Author: Pablo de la Vega
Title: Code Makers and Code Breakers, Author: Allen R. Wells

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