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Title: A Cultural History of Climate Change, Author: Tom Bristow
Title: Environmental Humanities and Theologies: Ecoculture, Literature and the Bible, Author: Rod Giblett
Title: The Broken Promise of Agricultural Progress: An Environmental History, Author: Cameron Muir
Title: Arts Programming for the Anthropocene: Art in Community and Environment, Author: Bill Gilbert
Title: Transdisciplinary Journeys in the Anthropocene: More-Than-Human Encounters / Edition 1, Author: Kate Wright
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Title: Humans and Lions: Conflict, Conservation and Coexistence, Author: Keith Somerville Pre-Order Now
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Title: Rethinking Invasion Ecologies from the Environmental Humanities, Author: Jodi Frawley
Title: Perma/Culture:: Imagining Alternatives in an Age of Crisis, Author: Molly Wallace
Title: Housing for Degrowth: Principles, Models, Challenges and Opportunities, Author: Anitra Nelson
Title: The Shifting Sands of the North Sea Lowlands: Literary and Historical Imaginaries, Author: Katie Ritson
Title: The Biosphere and the Bioregion: Essential Writings of Peter Berg, Author: Cheryll Glotfelty
Title: A Cultural History of Famine: Food Security and the Environment in India and Britain, Author: Ayesha Mukherjee
Title: Environmental Justice in Contemporary US Narratives, Author: Yanoula Athanassakis
Title: Brazil in the Anthropocene: Conflicts between predatory development and environmental policies, Author: Liz-Rejane Issberner
Title: Endangerment, Biodiversity and Culture, Author: Fernando Vidal
Title: Carbon Footprints as Cultural-Ecological Metaphors, Author: Anita Girvan
Title: Rethinking Nature: Challenging Disciplinary Boundaries, Author: Aurelie Chone
Title: Sustainable Consumption and the Good Life: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Author: Karen Lykke Syse
Title: Governing the Environment in the Early Modern World: Theory and Practice, Author: Sara Miglietti
Title: Whole Earth Thinking and Planetary Coexistence: Ecological wisdom at the intersection of religion, ecology, and philosophy / Edition 1, Author: Sam Mickey
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