Title: Reporting the Israeli-Arab Conflict: How Hegemony Works / Edition 1, Author: Tamar Liebes
Title: The New Communications Landscape: Demystifying Media Globalization / Edition 1, Author: Anura Goonasekera
Title: Media Reform: Democratizing the Media, Democratizing the State / Edition 1, Author: Monroe E. Price
Title: Writers' Houses and the Making of Memory, Author: Harald Hendrix
Title: The Places and Spaces of Fashion, 1800-2007 / Edition 1, Author: John Potvin
Title: Communicating in the Third Space / Edition 1, Author: Karin Ikas
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Title: Dynamics and Performativity of Imagination: The Image between the Visible and the Invisible, Author: Bernd Huppauf
Title: Trauma and Media: Theories, Histories, and Images / Edition 1, Author: Allen Meek
Title: Letters, Postcards, Email: Technologies of Presence / Edition 1, Author: Esther Milne
Title: International Journalism and Democracy: Civic Engagement Models from Around the World / Edition 1, Author: Angela Romano
Title: Aesthetic Practices and Politics in Media, Music, and Art: Performing Migration / Edition 1, Author: Rocío G. Davis
Title: Violence, Visual Culture, and the Black Male Body, Author: Cassandra Jackson
Title: Cognitive Poetics and Cultural Memory: Russian Literary Mnemonics / Edition 1, Author: Mikhail Gronas
Title: Landscapes of Holocaust Postmemory, Author: Brett Ashley Kaplan
Title: Audiobooks, Literature, and Sound Studies / Edition 1, Author: Matthew Rubery
Title: Art Platforms and Cultural Production on the Internet, Author: Olga Goriunova
Title: Queer Representation, Visibility, and Race in American Film and Television: Screening the Closet / Edition 1, Author: Melanie Kohnen
Title: Artificial Culture: Identity, Technology, and Bodies, Author: Tama Leaver
Title: Global Perspectives on Tarzan: From King of the Jungle to International Icon, Author: Annette Wannamaker
Title: Studying Mobile Media: Cultural Technologies, Mobile Communication, and the iPhone, Author: Larissa Hjorth

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