Title: The Problem of Enforcement in International Law: Countermeasures, the Non-Injured State and the Idea of International Community, Author: Elena Katselli Proukaki
Title: International Law and Revolution / Edition 1, Author: Owen Taylor
Title: Legal Accountability and Britain's Wars 2000-2015 / Edition 1, Author: Peter Rowe
Title: Reforming the UN Security Council Membership: The illusion of representativeness, Author: Sabine Hassler
Title: Demilitarization and International Law in Context: The Åland Islands, Author: Sia Åkermark
Title: China's One Belt One Road Initiative and Private International Law / Edition 1, Author: Poomintr Sooksripaisarnkit
Title: Sovereignty Conflicts and International Law and Politics: A Distributive Justice Issue / Edition 1, Author: Jorge E. Núñez
Title: Public-Private Partnerships and Responsibility under International Law: A Global Health Perspective, Author: Lisa Clarke
Title: The Changing Nature of Customary International Law / Edition 1, Author: Noora Arajärvi
Title: International Investment Law and Globalization: Foreign Investment, Responsibilities and Intergovernmental Organizations, Author: Jean-Michel Marcoux
Title: Resolving Claims to Self-Determination: Is There a Role for the International Court of Justice? / Edition 1, Author: Andrew Coleman
Title: Cultural Diversity in International Law: The Effectiveness of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions / Edition 1, Author: Lilian Richieri Hanania
Title: Fragmentation vs the Constitutionalisation of International Law: A Practical Inquiry / Edition 1, Author: Andrzej Jakubowski
Title: Armed Conflict and Forcible Displacement: Individual Rights under International Law, Author: Elena Katselli Proukaki
Title: International Organizations and the Idea of Autonomy: Institutional Independence in the International Legal Order, Author: Richard Collins
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Title: Peacemaking, Religious Belief and the Rule of Law: The Struggle between Dictatorship and Democracy in Syria and Beyond, Author: Paul J. Zwier
Title: Self-Determination in the Post-9/11 Era / Edition 1, Author: Elizabeth Chadwick
Title: The Law of Consular Access: A Documentary Guide, Author: John Quigley
Title: WTO Jurisprudence: Governments, Private Rights, and International Trade / Edition 1, Author: Wenwei Guan
Title: International Law and the Third World: Reshaping Justice, Author: Richard Falk
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