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Title: Influencing People (DK Essential Managers Series), Author: Roy Johnson
Title: Coaching Successfully (DK Essential Managers Series), Author: John Eaton
Title: Achieving Excellence (DK Essential Managers Series), Author: Robert Heller
Title: Domestic Transportation: Practice, Theory and Policy, Author: Roy Johnson Sampson
Title: Turning Conflict into Profit: A Roadmap for Resolving Personal and Organizational Disputes, Author: Larry Axelrod
Title: Nat Turner Slave Insurrection, Author: F. Roy Johnson
Title: Studying Fiction: A Guide and Study Programme, Author: Roy Johnson
Title: Communicate with Emotional Intelligence, Author: Eaton Johnson
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Title: Rent All Management: An Operations Text for the Rental Industry, Author: Roy Johnson
Title: Aspire Higher: Winning On and Off the Court with Determination, Discipline, and Decisions, Author: Avery Johnson
Title: The Lost Colony in Fact and Legend, Author: F. Roy Johnson
Title: Witches and Demons in History and Folklore, Author: F. Roy Johnson
Title: Jury Party: Taking Responsible Charge of Our Government, Author: S. Roy Johnson
Title: Supernaturals among Carolina Folk and Their Neighbors, Author: F. Roy Johnson
Title: Magic's Touch: From Fundamentals To Fast Break With One Of Basketball's All-time Greats, Author: Earvin Magic Johnson
Title: Roy The Gargoyle, Author: Roy Johnson
Title: Magic, Author: Harry Baron
Title: How To Own A Profitable Advertising Business, FREE, Author: Roy Johnson
Title: Slow Moon Creek: The Battle at Muddy Ford, Author: Roy Johnson
Title: The Drama of Redemption: Walking with Jesus from Creation to Canaan, Author: Sarah Fallis

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