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Title: The Green Ghetto, Author: Vern Smith
Title: Jacked: An Anthology of Crime Fiction, Author: Vern Smith
Title: Anna Eva Mimi Adam, Author: Marina Antropow Cramer
Title: Animal Magnet, Author: Gary W Anderson
Title: Our Baby Was Born Premature: (the same way he was conceived), Author: Paul Alexander
Title: Miscellany: Essays by Young(ish) American Voices (From the Fringe), Author: Gary Anderson
Title: The Life Story of a Chilean Blob and Other Matters of Importance, Author: Theodore Carter
Title: Under the Table, Author: Vern Smith
Title: Stealing the Scream, Author: Theodore Carter
Title: Best of All Possible Worlds, Author: Gary Anderson
Title: The Boxcar Bop, Author: T.C. Pescatore
Title: Jackass Letters: Archive Volume 1, Author: Christopher L Jorgensen
Title: Frida Sex Dreams and Other Unnerving Disruptions, Author: Theodore Carter
Title: The Gimmick?: Novelettes, stories, and sketches?, Author: Vern Smith
Title: Jackass Letters: Archive Volume 2, Author: Christopher L. Jorgensen
Title: Lying Bastard, Author: Clint Margrave
Title: Ghost Atlas, Author: Kurt Slauson
Title: Suckle: A Novel, Author: Benjamin Salmon
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Title: Miscellany: Essays By Young(ish) Amercian Vocies (From the Fringe), Author: Gary Anderson
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Title: Incunabulae: Collected Works, 1990-2015, Author: Kurt Slauson

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