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Title: Overcoming Underachieving: A Simple Plan to Boost Your Kids' Grades and End the Homework Hassles, Author: Ruth Peters
Title: Laying Down the Law: The 25 Laws of Parenting to Keep Your Kids on Track, Out of Trouble, and (Pretty Much) Under Control, Author: Ruth Peters
Title: It's Never Too Soon to Discipline: A Low-Stress Program That Shows Parents how to Teach Good Behavior That Will Last a Lifetime, Author: Ruth Peters
Title: Don't Be Afraid to Discipline: The Commonsense Program for Low-Stress Parenting That *Improves Kids' Behavior in a Matter of Days *Stops Naggling and Hassling *Restores the Parent/Child Relationship *Creates Lasting Results, Author: Ruth Peters
Title: It's Never Too Soon, Author: Ruth Peters