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Title: William Carlos Williams, Author: S. L. Berry
Title: Langston Hughes, Author: S. L. Berry
Title: Kids' Book Of Basketball: Skills, Strategies, Equipment, and the Rules of the Game, Author: Skip Berry
Title: Emily Dickinson, Author: S. L. Berry
Title: E.E. Cummings, Author: S. L. Berry
Title: The Herron Chronicle, Author: Harriet G Warkel
Title: Stacks: A History of the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library, Author: S. L. Berry
Title: Tour De France, Author: Skip Berry
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Title: Edgar Allan Poe, Author: Aaron Frisch
Title: Every Way Possible: 125 Years of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Author: Anne Robinson
Title: Little League, Author: Richard Goodman
Title: For the Sake of Art: The History of the Indianapolis Art Center, Author: S. L. Berry