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Title: The Golden Age of Show Jumping, Author: Frank Waters
Title: The Helping Hands, Author: Kristina Circelli
Title: Hidden Chamber of Death: Moccasin Hollow Mystery Series, Author: Hawk MacKinney
Title: Curse of the Ancients, Author: Hawk MacKinney
#3 in Series
Title: Westobou Gold, Author: Hawk MacKinney
Title: The Bigger Picture, Author: Augustus Cileone
Title: Jewels in Time, Author: Kathleen Heady
Title: The Last Radiant Heart, Author: Danial Lance Wright
Title: The Last Wall, Author: Steve Paul
Title: The Cairns of Sainctuarie, Author: Hawk MacKinney
Title: Keeping The Athlete Healthy, Author: Edward Nessel
Title: Shadows In The Night, Author: Kristina Circelli
#2 in Series
Title: Almost a Hero, Author: Steve Paul
Title: Grandfather's Song, Author: Jake George
Title: The Last Gunfight, Author: Steve Paul
Title: It Could All Be A Dream, Author: Robert Grenier
Title: Abandon, Author: Kristina Circelli
Title: Rough Justice, Author: Lee Pierce
Title: Annie's World 2: New Beginnings, Author: Daniel Lance Wright
Title: Call Me Mikki, Author: Daniel Lance Wright

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