Title: Boundless as the Sky, Author: Dawn Raffel
Title: Hashtag Good Guy With a Gun, Author: Jeff Chon
Title: My Life of Crime: Essays and Other Entertainments, Author: Tyler C. Gore
Title: Run Out of Prose, Author: Marvin Cohen
Title: Life's Tumultuous Party: Reduced to its Essential Partycycles, Author: Marvin Cohen
Title: Please State the Nature of Your Emergency, Author: Aaron Anstett
Title: Women, and Tom Gervasi, Author: Marvin Cohen
Title: Exacting Clam No. 6: Autumn 2022, Author: Guillermo Stitch
Title: Violent Solutions to Popular Problems, Author: M.J. Nicholls
Title: Five Lines No Waiting, Author: Tom McDermott
Title: In Memoriam Einstein, Author: Roy Lisker
Title: Highway 28 West, Author: Joe Taylor
Title: Sadness Corrected: New Poems and Dialogues, Author: Marvin Cohen
Title: Shelf, Author: Rufo Quintavalle
Title: Magic Even You Can Do: By Blast, Author: Charles Holdefer
Title: Exacting Clam No. 1: Summer 2021, Author: Guillermo Stitch
Title: Ghostly Demarcations: Stories, Author: Joe Taylor
Title: Sorry, I Broke Your Promise, Author: Bardsley Rosenbridge
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Title: Agitprop for Bedtime: Polemic, Story Problems, Kulturporn and Humdingers, Author: Charles Holdefer
Title: Exacting Clam No. 7: Winter 2022, Author: Guillermo Stitch

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