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Title: Fortune Croakies, Author: Sam Cheever Pre-Order Now
Title: Rogue Skies, Author: Missy De Graff Pre-Order Now
Title: Blackfish City, Author: Sam J. Miller
Title: Seven Blades in Black, Author: Sam Sykes
Title: Far Orbit (Far Orbit Anthology Series, #1), Author: Bascomb James
Title: City of Lies: A Poison War Novel, Author: Sam Hawke
Title: The City Stained Red (Bring Down Heaven Series #1), Author: Sam Sykes
Title: An Affinity for Steel: The Aeons¿ Gate Omnibus, Author: Sam Sykes
Title: The Mortal Tally (Bring Down Heaven Series #2), Author: Sam Sykes
Title: God's Last Breath, Author: Sam Sykes
Title: What Came After, Author: Jon Clinch
Title: Dawn of Empire, Author: Sam Barone
Title: Into the Silent World, Author: Jon Clinch
Title: Uncanny Magazine Issue 19, Author: Lynne M. Thomas
Title: The Aurora Mandate, Author: Sam Nash
Title: The Executioner (Cosmic Justice League, #0), Author: Sam Sea
Title: Half-Made Girls: A Pitchfork County Novel, Author: Sam Witt
Title: Sam Dragon, Author: Joe Corcoran
Title: The Sam Gunn Omnibus, Author: Ben Bova
Title: Nothing Familiar, Author: Sam Cheever

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