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Title: The Life and Times of William Henry Harrison, Author: Samuel Jones Burr
Title: Medical Lectures and Aphorisms (Classic Reprint), Author: Samuel Jones Gee
Title: The Shoe Bird: A Musical Fable by Samuel Jones. Based on a Story by Eudora Welty, Author: Samuel Jones
Title: The Shoe Bird, Author: Samuel Jones
Title: The Life of Samuel J. Tilden, Author: Samuel Jones Tilden John Bigelow
Title: Reflections suggested by a perusal of Mr. J. Horsley Palmer's pamphlet : on the causes and consequences of the pressure on the money market, Author: Samuel Jones Loyd Overstone
Title: Sermon Preached in the Whitefield Church, Newburyport, by Rev S.J. Spalding, Author: Samuel Jones Spalding
Title: Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 24/25: 2004 and 2005, Author: Samuel Jones
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Title: Spalding memorial; a genealogical history of Edward Spalding, of Massachusetts Bay, and his descendants, Author: Samuel Jones Spalding
Title: Karate Basics, Author: J. Allen Queen
Title: Life of Samuel J. Levick, late of the city of Philadelphia.., Author: Samuel Jones Levick
Title: Shelf Inventory of Books, Pamphlets, Periodicals, Prints, Etc: Belonging to the Estate of the ..., Author: Samuel Jones Tilden
Title: How we learn; a short primer of scientific method for boys, Author: William Henry Samuel Jones
Title: Reflections Suggested by a Perusal of Mr. J. Horsley Palmer's Pamphlet: On the Causes and Consequences of the Pressure on the Money Market (Classic Reprint), Author: Samuel Jones Loyd
Title: The Voice in the Silence, Author: Thomas Samuel Jones
Title: The Siege of Charleston and the Operations on the South Atlantic Coast in the War Amoung the States, Author: Samuel Jones
Title: Providence: And Other Poems (Classic Reprint), Author: Samuel Jones Cassels
Title: The siege of Charleston and the operations on the south Atlantic coast in the war amoung the states, Author: Samuel Jones
Title: The battle of Prairie Grove, December 7, 1862, Author: Samuel Jones
Title: The rose-jar, Author: Thomas Samuel Jones

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