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Title: Crusade: Book Three of The Paladin Trilogy, Author: Daniel M Ford
Title: Stillbright: Book Two of The Paladin Trilogy, Author: Daniel M Ford
Title: Kids in America: A Gen X Reckoning, Author: Liz Prato
Title: Fatal Light, Author: Richard Currey
Title: I'm Not Hungry But I Could Eat, Author: Christopher Gonzalez
Title: Beauty, Author: Christina Chiu
Title: Ordination: Book One of The Paladin trilogy, Author: Daniel M Ford
Title: The Other Ones, Author: Dave Housley
Title: By Way of Water, Author: Charlotte Gullick
Title: Red Riviera: A Daria Vinci Investigation, Author: David Downie
Title: K: A Novel, Author: Ted O'Connell
Title: Awakening, Author: Lucy A. McLaren
Title: Smoking Cigarettes, Eating Glass: A Psychologist's Memoir, Author: Annita Perez Sawyer
Title: Negative Space, Author: Lilly Dancyger
Title: eightball, Author: Elizabeth Geoghegan
Title: Magic for Unlucky Girls, Author: A.A. Balaskovits
Title: What If We Were Somewhere Else, Author: Wendy J. Fox
Title: Mona At Sea, Author: Elizabeth Gonzalez James
Title: Girls Like Us, Author: Elizabeth Hazen
Title: Journey to Constellation Station, Author: Lindsay C. Barry

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