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Title: Always Faithful, Author: I. Isabella
Title: Highland Dew, Author: Barrett Magill
Title: Sharpshooter, Author: Leslie Murray
Title: Last First Kiss: Passport to Love, Author: Patricia Evans Cox
Title: Scarlet Assassin, Author: Isabella
Title: Faithful Valor, Author: Isabella
Title: The Admirer, Author: Karelia Stetz-Waters
Title: Our Stories Continue: Volume 1, Author: Elizabeth Hodge
Title: Undone, Author: EM Hodge
Title: The DragonWitch Tales, Author: Shannon Harris
Title: Finding Faith, Author: Kim Pritekel
Title: Diva, Author: Barrett Magill
Title: Meet Me in the Middle, Author: Yvonne Heidt
Title: Broken Shield, Author: I. Isabella
Title: Executive Disclosure, Author: Isabella
Title: Surviving Reagan, Author: Isabella
Title: Curtain Call, Author: Kim Pritekel
Title: Reclaiming Yancy, Author: J.B. Marsden
Title: The Travels of Charlie, Author: J.B. Marsden
Title: Haunted by Darkness, Author: BL Clark

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