Title: Awaken: Shadows of a Forgotten Past, Author: Marcia Maidana
Title: My Highlander Husband, Author: Nancy Pennick
Title: Frozen Rose, Author: Andrea Singer
Title: Red Velvet, Author: JP Roth
Title: Chances Come, Author: Ney Mitch
Title: The Perfect Blend, Author: Kathryn Starke
Title: Come Here To Me, Author: Karen Dean Benson
Title: Eighth Winter, Author: Jillian Kae Reimann
Title: Forged in Fire, Author: L. L. Brooks
Title: Annie and the Outlaw, Author: Nancy Pirri
Title: Food and Romance Go Together, Vol. 1, Author: Sue Stewart Ade
Title: Eagle River, Author: Isabelle Kane
Title: The Annealing of Aliza Bennett, Author: Emma Hartley
Title: Mission Song: Chenoas Story, Author: Karen Dean Benson
Title: Dreams of Home, Author: Jannie Lund
Title: Pride & Peace: A Pride & Prejudice Reimagining, Author: Ney Mitch
Title: The Lady Next Door: A Romantic Suspense, Author: Lois Carroll
Title: Frozen, Author: Charmaine Pauls
Title: Downhill Rush, Author: Maya Hunter
Title: Siren Song, Author: Megan Hussey

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