Title: America's Army #4 - Escalation, Author: M. Zachary Sherman
Title: America's Army #6 - The Coming Storm, Author: M. Zachary Sherman
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Title: America's Army #5 - Tipping Point, Author: M. Zachary Sherman
Title: Shark Attack! Mad Libs: World's Greatest Word Game, Author: Mickie Matheis
Title: Don't Get Mad Libs, Get Even Funnier!: A Mad Libs Joke Book, Author: Brian Elling
Title: The Five-Year Plan, Author: Christopher Scott Brooks
Title: Would You Like To See An Amazing Miracle?, Author: Scott Brooks
Title: Roses Are Red, Pickles Are Blue: An Original Mad Libs Love Story, Author: Brian Elling
Title: African Americans of Lower Richland County, Author: Marie Barber Adams
Title: African Americans of Lower Richland County, Author: Deborah Scott Brooks
Title: You're on Your Way!: An Original Mad Libs Adventure, Author: Brian Elling
Title: Twos and Threes, Author: Scott Brooks
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Title: Deeper Friendships: Practical Insights Toward Wonderful Friendships With God And Each Other, Author: Scott Brooks
Title: A Soul Call From Prison: How Yoga and Taoism Cured my Crises with Cocaine and Christianity, Author: Clifton Scott Brooks Jr.
Title: 72 Hour Product: How to Create Your Own Information Products in 72 Hours or Less, Author: Scott Brooks
Title: The Beer's Folded and the Laundry's Cold: Mostly-True Adventures In Housewifery, Author: Paige Kellerman
Title: Four in One, Author: Scott Brooks
Title: At His Feet, Author: Scott Brooks
Title: At His Feet: How to Live a Christ-Centered Life, Author: Scott Brooks