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Title: One More Tomorrow, Author: Aimee Duvall
Title: Winter Wildfire, Author: Elissa Curry
Title: Mayan Enchantment, Author: Lila Ford
Title: From the Torrid Past, Author: Ann Christy
Title: Longing Unveiled, Author: Meredith Kingston
Title: Air Dancer, Author: Dianna Linden
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Title: Kisses from Heaven, Author: Jeanne Grant
Title: Touched by Lightning, Author: Helen Carter
Title: Knight Of Passion 238, Author: Linda Barlow
Title: Anything Goes, Author: Diana Morgan
Title: Elusive Dawn, Author: Kay Robbins
Title: Steele Trap, Author: Betsy Osborne
Title: With No Regrets, Author: Nuria Wood
Title: Forbidden Melody, Author: Nicola Andrews
Title: From This Day Forward, Author: Jolene Adams
Title: Brief Enchantment, Author: Susanna Collins
Title: Bed of Roses, Author: Jean Faure
Title: Parisian Nights, Author: Susanna Collins
Title: Reckless Desire, Author: Nicola Andrews
Title: Lady Be Good, Author: Elissa Curry

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