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Title: Listening: Learn to Really Listen and Develop Active Listening Skills, Author: Christian Olsen
Title: Abusive Individuals: How to Deal with Difficult People and Verbal Abuse, Author: Lindsey Kensington
Title: Parenting Styles: How to Put a Constant Smile on Your Child's Face, Author: Rene Fisher
Title: Dyslectic: The Concealed Power of the Deviant Geniuses, Author: Mark Stacer
Title: Abusive People: Toxic Relationships, Violence, and Manipulation, Author: Lindsey Kensington
Title: Parenting Guide: Ultimate Manual for Parenting Children Wisely, Author: Rene Fisher
Title: Parenting Skills: Raising Children with Logic and Love, Author: Rene Fisher
Title: How to Mend a Broken Heart: Break Through a Breakup and Get Over Your Ex, Author: Charity Jenser
Title: Wrath: The 7 Deadly Sins, Author: Christian Vandergroot
Title: Potty-Train Your Kid: Fast Methods to Speed Up Potty Training Habits, Author: Bill Ostertag
Title: Abusive and Drama bundle: Abuse and Drama: Sexual and Domestic Abuse, Suicide, and Tough Relationships, Author: Lindsey Kensington
Title: Abusive Relationships: Suicide, Drama, and Difficult People in a Nutshell, Author: Lindsey Kensington