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Title: From Longbourn to Pemberley, The First Year of the Seasons of Serendipity, Author: Elizabeth Ann West
Title: Learning to Love, Author: Jennifer Wilck
Title: Perfect Fit (Serendipity's Finest Series #1), Author: Carly Phillips
Title: Kismet's Blood Serendipity, Author: Melicia Hunter
Title: The Wrong Girl: Serendipity Trilogy Book One, Author: Emma Lea
Title: Fling Club, Author: Tara Brown
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Title: Serendipity (Serendipity Series #1), Author: Carly Phillips
Title: Christmas Serendipity, Author: Liam Livings
Title: Küss mich später (Perfect Fit), Author: Carly Phillips
Title: Twisted Threads, Author: D Lively
Title: Addicted to Love, Author: Jennifer Wilck
Title: Hope at Christmas (Serendipity Series, #1), Author: Keeley Holmes
Title: Fireworks At Midnight, Author: Coleen Kwan
Title: My Sister's Intended, Author: Rachael Anderson
Title: Emmaline Waters, This Is Your Life (Serendipity in Love, #1), Author: Maggie Bloom
Title: Serendipity With Consequences, Author: M.E. Fisher
Title: Small Town Christmas, Author: Magdalena Scott
Title: Twelve Miles, Author: Robin Edwards
Title: Sniffles, Author: Stephen Cosgrove
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Title: The Twelfth Child, Author: Bette Lee Crosby

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