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Title: Sister Jane, Author: Irmgarde Brown
Title: The Power Of Ten - Extraordinary Stories Of Ten Top Business Women, Author: The 2008 Top Ten Business Women
Title: The Pillowcase Party, Author: Jennie O'Hara
Title: Leadership, Author: Thomas F Franklin
Title: Reflections, Author: Gloria J. Hildreth
Title: A Necessary Killing, Author: Howard Sprague
Title: Assurance of His Grace - Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, Author: Bob Pangburn
Title: Snowflake's Vacation, Author: Howard Lee Sprague
Title: What I Know - A to Z, Author: Dale Fushek
Title: Kindness Matters: Hospitality in a Hostile World, Author: Dale Fushek
Title: Aisles for Miles: My Years as a Nuptial Concierge/Wedding Doula, Author: Natalie M. Stahl
Title: When Life Gives You Pineapples, Make an Upside-down Cake!, Author: Dale Fushek
Title: Triumphant Women, Author: Lori Wieters
Title: War Pilot Memoirs: A Mirror on 1939, Author: Jacques Drabier
Title: It's all about you, you, YOU, Author: Suzette Peoples
Title: No Better Place - Than in the Center of His Presence, Author: Bob Pangburn
Title: The Unexpected Life, Author: Dale Fushek