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Title: In-Situ Gelling Polymers: For Biomedical Applications, Author: Xian Jun Loh
Title: Essentials of Single-Cell Analysis: Concepts, Applications and Future Prospects, Author: Fan-Gang Tseng
Title: A Novel Intrabody Communication Transceiver for Biomedical Applications, Author: Mir Hojjat Seyedi
Title: Computer Vision Techniques for the Diagnosis of Skin Cancer, Author: Jacob Scharcanski
Title: Bioactive Glasses: Potential Biomaterials for Future Therapy, Author: Gurbinder Kaur
Title: Magnetoencephalography: From Signals to Dynamic Cortical Networks, Author: Selma Supek
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Title: Emerging Trends in Neuro Engineering and Neural Computation, Author: Asim Bhatti
Title: Atrial Fibrillation from an Engineering Perspective, Author: Leif Sörnmo
Title: Microwave Sleep Apnoea Monitoring, Author: Nemai Chandra Karmakar
Title: Molecular Imaging of the Brain: Using Multi-Quantum Coherence and Diagnostics of Brain Disorders, Author: M. M. Kaila
Title: Application of Infrared to Biomedical Sciences, Author: Eddie YK Ng
Title: Interfacial Phenomena on Biological Membranes, Author: Manoranjan Arakha
Title: Biometrics under Biomedical Considerations, Author: Amine Nait-Ali
Title: Autonomic Nervous System Dynamics for Mood and Emotional-State Recognition: Significant Advances in Data Acquisition, Signal Processing and Classification, Author: Gaetano Valenza
Title: Electromagnetic Actuation and Sensing in Medical Robotics, Author: Hongliang Ren
Title: Single Cell Analysis: Contemporary Research and Clinical Applications, Author: J. Paul Robinson
Title: The Human Respiratory System: An Analysis of the Interplay between Anatomy, Structure, Breathing and Fractal Dynamics, Author: Clara Mihaela Ionescu
Title: Biomedical Signal Processing: Advances in Theory, Algorithms and Applications, Author: Ganesh Naik Pre-Order Now
Title: Articular Cartilage Dynamics, Author: David W. Smith
Title: Cardiovascular Computing-Methodologies and Clinical Applications, Author: Spyretta Golemati
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