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Title: Desperate Love: A Father's Memoir, Author: Richard Reiss
Title: Duplicity, Author: Peter Selgin
Title: Loving Modigliani: The Afterlife of Jeanne Hébuterne, Author: Linda Lappin
Title: Artifacts and Other Stories, Author: Ronna Wineberg
Title: Concord, Author: Don Zancanella
Title: Mamaji: A Memoir, Author: Elisheba Haqq
Title: Don't Mean Nothing, Author: Susan O'Neill
Title: The Fifth Eye: A Collection of Fiction and Creative Nonfiction, Author: Roisin McLean
Title: Winter Tales: Men Write about Aging, Author: Duff Brenna
Title: Steve Kowit: This Unspeakably Marvelous Life, Author: Walter Cummins
Title: Shadows and Ghosts, Author: Barbara Froman
Title: The Book of Worst Meals: 25 Authors Write about Terrible Culinary Experiences, Author: 25 Authors
Title: If Winter Comes, Author: Jack Smith
Title: The Pleasures of Language: From Acropox to Word Clay, Author: Skip Eisiminger
Title: A Guide of the Perplexed, Author: J.R. Solonche
Title: Carnival for the Gods, Author: Gladys Swan
Title: William Zander Poems Drawings Photographs Memories, Author: William Zander
Title: In a Vertigo of Silence, Author: Miriam Polli
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Title: Chance Encounters of a Literary Kind, Author: Robert Day
Title: The Death of H. L. Hix, Author: H. L. Hix

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