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Title: Orphan: Surfacing, Author: Nathan Day
Title: Homecoming to Murder, Author: Carol Preflatish
Title: Thunder on the Battlefield: Sword, Author: James R. Tuck
Title: Angelkiller, Author: H. David Blalock
Title: The Seventh Throne, Author: Stephen Zimmer
Title: The Storm Guardians, Author: Stephen Zimmer
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Title: Thunder Horizon, Author: Stephen Zimmer
Title: Bedlam Unleashed, Author: Steven L. Shrewsbury
Title: Insurmountable, Author: Steven L. Shrewsbury
Title: Born of Swords, Author: Steven L. Shrewsbury
Title: Ritual of Blood, Author: Penny Pearson
Title: The Amulet of Elements, Author: Rose Marie Machario
Title: A Chimerical World: Tales of the Seelie Court, Author: Scott M. Sandridge
Title: Red Sky at Dawn, Author: D. A. Adams
Title: Overkill, Author: Steven Shrewsbury
Title: Hellscapes, Volume 1, Author: Stephen Zimmer
Title: Slash of Crimson and Other Tales, Author: Carl R. Moore
Title: Legends of Darkness, Author: Georgia L. Jones
Title: Blood of a Queen, Author: Stephen Zimmer
Title: Heart of a Lion, Author: Stephen Zimmer

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