Title: The Rayden Valkyrie Tales: Volume II, Author: Stephen Zimmer
Title: The Coin Collector: A Nathan Perry Mystery, Author: Carol Preflatish
Title: Tybee Island H-Bomb, Author: Michael Houtchen
Title: Min Eurozan, Author: Cathy Jackson
Title: Homecoming to Murder: A Nathan Perry Mystery, Author: Carol Preflatish
Title: Trajan's Arch, Author: Michael Williams
Title: Tattered Men, Author: Michael Williams
Title: The Girl Who Grew a Sunflower Taller Than Herself, Author: Dr. Vic
Title: The Amulet of Elements, Author: Rose Marie Machario
Title: Hellscapes, Volume III, Author: Stephen Zimmer
Title: Bedlam Unleashed, Author: Steven L. Shrewsbury
Title: Dark Splinters, Author: Michael Knost
Title: Orphan: Desecration, Author: Nathan Day
Title: Ozarium, Author: Brick Marlin
Title: Ritual of Blood, Author: Penny Pearson
Title: When Shadows Fall, Author: Stephen Zimmer
Title: Death of Innocence, Author: Michael Houtchen
Title: Chains in the Sky, Author: Carl R. Moore
Title: Anybody Want to Play WAR?, Author: Tommy B. Smith
Title: Crown Of Vengeance, Author: Stephen Zimmer