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Title: Primordia, Author: Greig Beck
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Title: The Mysterious Island Book 2: Beyond Odin's Gate, Author: Greig Beck
Title: The Blood of the Bigfoot, Author: Michael Cole
Title: From The Depths, Author: JE Gurley
Title: Creature From The Crevasse, Author: Michael Cole
Title: Terror From The Crevasse, Author: Michael Cole
Title: Monster From The Abyss, Author: Michael Cole
Title: Predator X, Author: CJ Waller
Title: Terror Mountain, Author: Gerry Griffiths
Title: Return to Dyatlov Pass, Author: J.H. Moncrieff
Title: Bigfoot War: Movie Edition, Author: Eric S. Brown
Title: Jurassic Dead, Author: David Sakmyster
Title: Fury Of The Orcas, Author: Hunter Shea
Title: The Forgotten Fortune: The Jack Reilly Adventures, Author: Matt James
Title: Prehistoric WWII, Author: Dane Hatchell
Title: Badlands, Author: Lucas Pederson
Title: Dark Island, Author: Matt James
Title: SUB-ZERO, Author: Matt James
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Title: Sea Tremors, Author: Edward J. McFadden III
Title: The Breach, Author: Edward J. McFadden III

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