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Title: Remains to be Seen, Author: J. M. Gregson
Title: Bombers' Moon, Author: Iris Gower
Title: Property of A Lady, Author: Sarah Rayne
Title: Red Station, Author: Adrian Magson
Title: Meadowlands, Author: Elizabeth Jeffrey
Title: Bloodmoon: A mystery of Ancient Ireland, Author: Peter Tremayne
Title: Night of the Lightbringer, Author: Peter Tremayne
Title: Goddess of Fire: A historical novel set in 17th century India, Author: Bharti Kirchner
Title: The Girl in the Woods, Author: Patricia Macdonald
Title: Just a Breath Away, Author: Carlene Thompson
Title: Community, Author: Graham Masterton
Title: Murder on the Orient Espresso, Author: Sandra Balzo
Title: Cold Bayou: A historical mystery set in New Orleans, Author: Barbara Hambly
Title: Death at the Boston Tea Party: An 18th century mystery, Author: Deryn Lake
Title: Into the Thinnest of Air: A paranormal country house murder mystery, Author: Simon R. Green
Title: Crisis at the Cathedral, Author: Jeanne M. Dams
Title: Queen Without a Crown, Author: Fiona Buckley
Title: Curtains for Miss Plym: A canine mystery, Author: Kathleen Delaney
Title: The Dark Side of the Road, Author: Simon Green
Title: Murder in the Queen's Wardrobe, Author: Kathy Lynn Emerson

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