Title: The Piper, Author: Lynn Hightower
Title: The Watchman, Author: Adrian Magson
Title: Buried Memories, Author: Simon R. Green
Title: The Welcoming, Author: Nora Roberts
Title: The French Paradox, Author: Ellen Crosby
Title: Watching the Ghosts, Author: Kate Ellis
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Title: Ghost Blows a Kiss, Author: Carolyn G. Hart
Title: The Boy in the Woods, Author: Carter Wilson
Title: Missing Child, Author: Patricia MacDonald
Title: The Riverwoman's Dragon, Author: Candace Robb
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Title: The House of Death, Author: Peter Tremayne
Title: Antiques Carry On, Author: Barbara Allan
Title: A Dreadful Destiny, Author: Rosemary Rowe
Title: The Shapeshifter's Lair, Author: Peter Tremayne
Title: Scandal in Babylon, Author: Barbara Hambly
Title: The Best Thing You Can Steal, Author: Simon R. Green
Title: The Bath Conspiracy, Author: Jeanne M. Dams
Title: Hidden, Author: Karen E. Olson
Title: Night of the Lightbringer, Author: Peter Tremayne
Title: Inherit the Shoes, Author: E. J. Copperman

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