Title: The Welcoming, Author: Nora Roberts
Title: The Devil's Monk, Author: Sara Fraser
Title: From This Day, Author: Nora Roberts
Title: Good Time Coming, Author: C. S. Harris
Title: Thrill Kill, Author: Don Bruns
Title: Untamed, Author: Nora Roberts
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Title: Cold Kill, Author: Rennie Airth
Title: Murder at Mullings, Author: Dorothy Cannell
Title: The Silence, Author: J. Sydney Jones
3 in Series
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Title: The Hanging Tree, Author: Paul Doherty Pre-Order Now
Title: Blood in Eden, Author: Peter Tremayne
Title: Scandal in Babylon, Author: Barbara Hambly
Title: The Boy in the Woods, Author: Carter Wilson
Title: House of the Patriarch, Author: Barbara Hambly
Title: Prose and Cons, Author: Wendy Corsi Staub
Title: Queen's Bounty (Ursula Blanchard Series #10), Author: Fiona Buckley
Title: Beignets and Broomsticks, Author: J.R. Ripley
Title: The Case of the Reincarnated Client, Author: Tarquin Hall
Title: Night of the Lightbringer, Author: Peter Tremayne
Title: Magistrates of Hell, Author: Barbara Hambly

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