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Title: The Killing Fields and Other Poems, Author: Nahshon Cook
Title: Six Causes: The Vedic Theory of Creation, Author: Ashish Dalela
Title: Sankhya and Science: Applications of Vedic Philosophy to Modern Science, Author: Ashish Dalela
Title: Indigo: Tanka Poetry, Author: Mariko Kitakubo
Title: The Journey of Perfection: A Scientific Commentary on Yoga Sutras (Six Systems of Vedic Philosophy, #4), Author: Ashish Dalela
Title: Communion, Author: Nahshon Cook
Title: Mystic Universe: An Introduction to Vedic Cosmology, Author: Ashish Dalela
Title: The Balanced Organization: The Surprising Science of Non-Living Organisms, Author: Ashish Dalela
Title: I Still Remember the Last Time You Held My Hand, Author: David Giver
Title: Material and Spiritual Natures: A Scientific Commentary on Sañkhya Sutras, Author: Ashish Dalela
Title: The Upstairs Room, Author: Dave Buracker
Title: Nuclear Impact: Broken Atoms in Our Hands, Author: Teresa Mei Chuc
Title: Uncommon Wisdom: Fault Lines in the Foundations of Atheism, Author: Ashish Dalela
Title: Before Language, Author: Susan Deer Cloud
Title: Altadena Poetry Review 2019, Author: Teresa Mei Chuc
Title: Godel's Mistake: The Role of Meaning in Mathematics, Author: Ashish Dalela
Title: The Doctor Will Fix It, Author: Bunkong Tuon
Title: Moral Materialism: A Semantic Theory of Ethical Naturalism, Author: Ashish Dalela
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Title: Whale Walker's Morning, Author: Michael Shorb
Title: Time and Consciousness: Cyclical, Hierarchical, and Causal Notions of Time, Author: Ashish Dalela

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