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Title: Can I Still Love You?, Author: Shantelle White
Title: A Dream Not Imagined: A Cinderella Story, Author: Shantelle Mary Hannu
Title: How to Start a Spring (Light Gauge) Manufacturing Business, Author: Petersen Shantelle
Title: Confessions of an Internet Model: How I Succeeded on the World Wide Web, Author: Shantelle
Title: Shantelle, You Smell!, Author: Shantelle Moxie
Title: Confessions of an Internet Model, Author: Shantelle
Title: 10 Ways to Use The Spice Trail (Recipe Book), Author: Pringle Shantelle
Title: Avalon: Book 1, Author: Shantelle McKinnon
Title: New Beginnings: The Reviving of a Kingdom - The Chronicles of Sambreia, Author: Shantelle Ruppel
Title: ACT Like It's Easy, Author: Shantelle Andrews
Title: How to Become a Converter Supervisor, Author: Durham Shantelle
Title: Lessons in Transition: Enduring in Peace and Strength to Breakthrough, Author: Shantelle L Love
Title: 15 Dress Adventures & One Skirt Tale, Author: Shantelle!
Title: Avalon: Wild Heart, Author: Shantelle McKinnon
Title: Jet Set Dreams: A Girl's Guide To Flying High, Author: Shantelle!