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Title: The Fires of Spring: A Post-Arab Spring Journey Through the Turbulent New Middle East - Turkey, Iraq, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, and Tunisia, Author: Shelly Culbertson
Title: Qatar's School Transportation System: Supporting Safety, Efficiency, and Service Quality (Arabic-language version), Author: Keith Henry
Title: Strategic Priorities for Improving Access to Quality Education in the Kurdistan Region Iraq, Author: Georges Vernez
Title: Initiatives to Improve Quality of Education in the Kurdistan Region-Iraq: Administration, School Monitoring, Private School Policies, and Teacher Training, Author: Georges Vernez
Title: Making Victory Count After Defeating ISIS: Stabilization Challenges in Mosul and Beyond, Author: Shelly Culbertson
Title: Education of Syrian Refugee Children: Managing the Crisis in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan, Author: Louay Constant
Title: Making an Impact in the Kurdistan Region-Iraq: Summary of Four Studies to Assess the Present and Future Labor Market, Improve Technical Vocational Education and Training, Reform the Health Sector, and Build Data Collection Capacity, Author: C. Ross Anthony
Title: Launching the Qatar National Research Fund, Author: Shelly Culbertson
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Title: Improving Technical Vocational Education and Training in the Kurdistan Region-Iraq, Author: Louay Constant
Title: Rethinking Coordination of Services to Refugees in Urban Areas: Managing the Crisis in Jordan and Lebanon, Author: Shelly Culbertson