Title: A Rabbit's Journey, Author: Kody B. Nelson
Title: Lost & Found: Five people. Three stories. New beginnings., Author: Lily Van Allen
Title: Throne Spirits, Author: Ellie Abood
Title: Hostage, Author: Samantha Gibson
Title: Nothing But Trouble, Author: Justin M. Anderson
Title: Heaven's Note, Author: Kayla Jarppi
Title: Mystery Mansion, Author: Roshni Rao
Title: The Elemental Lies, Author: Caroline Jude
Title: Demons Returning, Author: Bella Skaja
Title: Outcast, Author: Sakthika Vijay
Title: Demons Unfolding, Author: Bella Skaja
Title: For Morgan, Author: Carter Heintz
Title: Ela's Diary, Author: Vivian Olson
Title: Night of the Crown, Author: Hunter Thompson
Title: Animal Power: The Amazon, Author: Irene Larn
Title: Guardian Angel, Author: Kayla Klanreungsang
Title: No Ordinary Summer, Author: Tiffany Lonetto
Title: Demons Ending, Author: Bella Skaja
Title: My Adventure, Author: Tiffany Lonetto
Title: The Murder at Emerson's, Author: Ruby Jane Schwieger