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Title: Formative Fictions: Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism, and the Bildungsroman, Author: Tobias Boes
Title: Precarious Times: Temporality and History in Modern German Culture, Author: Anne Fuchs Pre-Order Now
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Title: Form as Revolt: Carl Einstein and the Ground of Modern Art, Author: Sebastian Zeidler
Title: On the Ruins of Babel: Architectural Metaphor in German Thought, Author: Daniel Purdy
Title: Counterpreservation: Architectural Decay in Berlin since 1989, Author: Daniela Sandler
Title: Legal Tender: Love and Legitimacy in the East German Cultural Imagination, Author: John Griffith Urang
June 16th
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Title: No Spiritual Investment in the World: Gnosticism and Postwar German Philosophy, Author: Willem Styfhals
Title: Mixed Feelings: Tropes of Love in German Jewish Culture, Author: Katja Garloff
Title: The Topography of Modernity: Karl Philipp Moritz and the Space of Autonomy, Author: Elliott Schreiber
Title: The Chain of Things: Divinatory Magic and the Practice of Reading in German Literature and Thought, 1850-1940, Author: Eric Downing
Title: Speaking the Unspeakable in Postwar Germany: Toward a Public Discourse on the Holocaust, Author: Sonja Boos
Title: Lyric Orientations: Hölderlin, Rilke, and the Poetics of Community, Author: Hannah Vandegrift Eldridge
Title: Paradigms for a Metaphorology, Author: Hans Blumenberg
Title: The Total Work of Art in European Modernism, Author: David Roberts
Title: Sexual Politics and Feminist Science: Women Sexologists in Germany, 1900-1933, Author: Kirsten Leng
Title: Berlin Coquette: Prostitution and the New German Woman, 1890-1933, Author: Jill Suzanne Smith
Title: Novel Translations: The European Novel and the German Book, 1680-1730, Author: Bethany Wiggin
Title: Competing Germanies: Nazi, Antifascist, and Jewish Theater in German Argentina, 1933-1965, Author: Robert Kelz Pre-Order Now
Title: Necessary Luxuries: Books, Literature, and the Culture of Consumption in Germany, 1770-1815, Author: Matt Erlin
Title: Same-Sex Marriage in Renaissance Rome: Sexuality, Identity, and Community in Early Modern Europe, Author: Gary Ferguson
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