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Title: Draw Down the Darkness, Author: Naomi Bellis
Title: A Moonlit Knight, Author: Jocelyn Kelley
Title: Trick My Truck But Don't Mess With My Heart, Author: LuAnn McLane
Title: Take Me Home, Author: Jerri Corgiat
Title: Just One of Those Flings, Author: Candice Hern
Title: Big Trouble, Author: Marianna Jameson
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Title: If Only In My Dreams, Author: Wendy Markham
Title: Mystic Guardian, Author: Patricia Rice
Title: Highlander in Her Dreams, Author: Allie Mackay
Title: The Winter Prince, Author: Cheryl Sawyer
Title: Love and Mayhem, Author: Nicole Cody
Title: Lost in Shadow, Author: Jocelyn Kelley
Title: Hot Summer Nights, Author: LuAnn McLane
Title: Sweet Water, Author: Anna Jeffrey
Title: Lady Merry's Dashing Champion, Author: Jeane Westin
Title: Paint It Red, Author: Carla Cassidy
Title: Into Thin Air, Author: Cindy Miles
Title: The Hourglass, Author: Barbara Metzger
Title: Dancing Shoes and Honky-Tonk Blues, Author: LuAnn McLane
Title: Highland Knight, Author: Cindy Miles

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