Title: Lover in the Rough, Author: Elizabeth Lowell
34 in Series
Title: Forget Me Not, Author: Elizabeth Lowell
72 in Series
Title: A Woman without Lies, Author: Elizabeth Lowell
81 in Series
Title: Dearest Enemy (Silhouette Intimate Moments Series #635), Author: Alexandra Sellers
Title: Code Name: Daddy (Silhouette Intimate Moments Series #736), Author: Marilyn Tracy
Title: The Sheik and the Vixen, Author: Elizabeth Mayne
Title: Wanted: Mom and Me (Silhouette Intimate Moments Series #760), Author: Kayla Daniels
Title: Mind over Marriage, Author: Rebecca Daniels
765 in Series
Title: Surrender in Silk, Author: Susan Mallery
770 in Series
Title: Bride of the Sheikh, Author: Alexandra Sellers
771 in Series
Title: Compromising Positions, Author: Beverly Bird
777 in Series
Title: Every Waking Moment, Author: Doreen Roberts
783 in Series
Title: McCain's Memories, Author: Maggie Simpson
785 in Series
Title: Gabriel Is No Angel, Author: Wendy Haley
786 in Series
Title: Daddy by Default, Author: Nikki Benjamin
789 in Series
Title: Undiscovered Hero, Author: Stephanie Doyle
792 in Series
Title: A Marriage to Remember, Author: Cathryn Clare
795 in Series
Title: The Twelve-Month Marriage, Author: Kathryn Jensen
Title: Stranger in Her Bed, Author: Bonnie Gardner
798 in Series
Title: Never Trust a Lady, Author: Kathleen Creighton
800 in Series

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