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Title: The Smart Spending Guide for Teens, Author: Elaine Landau
Title: Madam Secretary: Frances Perkins, Author: Elisabeth P. Myers
Title: Vaulting: Gymnastics on Horseback, Author: Paki Stedwell
Title: Bugatti, Author: Jay Schleifer
Title: Bowling Talk for Beginners, Author: Howard Liss
Title: Ferdinand Magellan, Author: Scott Brewster
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Title: Treasure Island: With Story of the Treasure of Normon Island, Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Title: A Walk in the Woods, Author: Caroline Arnold
Title: The China Clipper, Author: Peter Guttmacher
Title: Vive De Gaulle: The Story of Charles de Gaulle, Author: Alfred Apsler
Title: A Pod of Killer Whales: The Mysterious and Beautiful Life of the Orca, Author: Vicki Leon
Title: Tark!: The Sports Career of Francis Tarkenton, Author: James Hahn
Title: The Japanese, Author: Pamela Odijk
Title: Potato, Author: Barrie Watts
Title: Aces, Heroes and Daredevils of the Air, Author: LeRoy Hayman
Title: Strangers on NMA-6, Author: Harriette Sheffer Abels
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Title: World of Choral Music, Author: Silver
Title: Look What We've Brought You from Mexico: Crafts, Games, Recipes, Stories and Other Cultural Activities from Mexican Americans, Author: Phyllis Shalant
Title: Riddles about Easter, Author: Jill Ashley
Title: Water, Water Everywhere, Author: Joanne Barkan

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