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Title: A Boy No More, Author: Harry Mazer
Title: Ghosts of the White House, Author: Cheryl Harness
Title: Paris, Author: Nathan Aaseng
Title: Midway, Author: Philip Arthur Sauvain
Title: Biblical Times, Author: Antony Mason
Title: El Alamein, Author: Philip Arthur Sauvain
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Title: We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land: A Plan That Will Work, Author: Jimmy Carter
Title: Clash of Wings: World War II in the Air, Author: Walter Boyne
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Title: If You Were There in 1776, Author: Barbara Brenner
Title: The Pony Express, Author: Laurel Van der Linde
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Title: Striking It Rich: The Story of the California Gold Rush, Author: Stephen Krensky
Title: Sam Ellis's Island, Author: Beatrice Siegel
Title: The Holocaust Lady, Author: Ruth M. Sender
Title: Politics, Author: Edward I. Koch
Title: Mayor, Author: Hon. edward i koch
Title: The Vikings, Author: Hazel Mary Martell
Title: Over Two Thousand Years Ago in Ancient Greece, Author: Philip Arthur Sauvain
Title: Conflicts: The Breakup of the Soviet Union, Author: Bernard Harbor
Title: Pearl Harbor, Author: Stephen Krensky
Title: Waterloo, Author: Philip Arthur Sauvain

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