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Title: Cradles in the Trees: The Story of Bird Nests, Author: Patricia B. Demuth
Title: Volcanoes and Earthquakes, Author: Mary Elting
Title: Simon and Schuster Children's Guide to Birds, Author: Jinny Johnson
Title: The Whale Family Book, Author: Cynthia D'Vincent
Title: Dolphins, Author: Cousteau Society
Title: The Monkey People: A Columbian Folktale, Author: Eric Metaxas
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Title: In My Garden, Author: Ermanno Cristini
Title: Arctic Foxes, Author: Downs Mathews
Title: Snakes and Other Reptiles, Author: Mary Elting
Title: Crinkleroot's Guide to Knowing Butterflies and Moths, Author: Jim Arnosky
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Title: Signs of the Apes, Songs of the Whales, Author: George Harrar
Title: Animal Rescue Level 3: The Best Job There Is, Author: Susan E. Goodman
Title: A Horse Named Paris, Author: Lynn Sonberg
Title: Snakes, Author: Ruth Belov Gross
Title: Harp Seal Pups, Author: Downs Matthews
Title: Skimmers, Author: Downs Matthews
Title: The Three Little Pigs, Author: Tom Roberts
Title: Rocky Mountain Seasons: From Valley to Mountaintop, Author: Diane L. Burns
Title: The Beaver Family Book, Author: Sybille Kalas
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Title: Little Big Ears, Author: Cynthia Moss

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