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Title: The Skinjacker Trilogy: Everlost / Everwild / Everfound, Author: Neal Shusterman
Title: UnStrung (Unwind Dystology Series), Author: Neal Shusterman
Title: Tooth & Nail: A Rot & Ruin Story, Author: Jonathan Maberry
Title: A Thief Before Christmas (Maids of Honor Series), Author: Jennifer McGowan
Title: Sought, Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix
Title: Rescued, Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix
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Title: Dead & Gone, Author: Jonathan Maberry
Title: Frankenstein: The Deluxe eBook Edition, Author: Mary Shelley
Title: ghostgirl Xmas Spirit, Author: Tonya Hurley
Title: Harmonic, Author: Erica O'Rourke
Title: No Intention of Dying (Internment Chronicles Series), Author: Lauren DeStefano
Title: The Heir Apparent (Internment Chronicles Series), Author: Lauren DeStefano
Title: America's Journey into Space: The Astronauts of the United States, Author: Anthony J. Cipriano
Title: Sandy: The Autobiography of a Star, Author: William Berloni
Title: Freebies for Kids, Author: Jeffry Feinman
Title: Justin Morgan Had a Horse, Author: Marguerite Henry
Title: Haunted Houses, Author: L. B. Taylor
Title: Haunted House, Author: Shirley Hughes
Title: Adelaide Stores, Author: Jenny Bell Whyte
Title: Willie Mays,

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