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Title: Exorcist Falls: Includes the novella Exorcist Road, Author: Jonathan Janz
Title: We Are Always Watching, Author: Hunter Shea
Title: Kill Hill Carnage, Author: Tim Meyer
Title: Children of the Dark, Author: Jonathan Janz
Title: Jackpot, Author: David Bernstein
Title: Just Like Hell: with the bonus novella Mr. Gray, Author: Nate Southard
Title: Blister, Author: Jeff Strand
Title: The Black Goat Motorcycle Club, Author: Jason Murphy
Title: Jagger, Author: Kristopher Rufty
Title: People of the Sun, Author: Jason Parent
Title: Dream Woods, Author: Patrick Lacey
Title: We Came Back, Author: Patrick Lacey
Title: Sentient, Author: Victor Acquista
Title: Fort, Author: Mark Allan Gunnells
Title: Seven Feet Under, Author: Matthew Weber
Title: Gardens of Babylon, Author: Sara Brooke
Title: The Weight of Chains, Author: Lesley Conner
Title: Lights Out, Author: Nate Southard
Title: What Glimmers in the Wood, Author: Tim Reed
Title: Relic of Death, Author: David Bernstein

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