Title: The Magical Battle of Britain, Author: Dion Fortune
Title: Dion Fortune's Rites of Isis and of Pan, Author: Gareth Knight
Title: A History of White Magic, Author: Gareth Knight
Title: Experience of the Inner Worlds, Author: Gareth Knight
Title: Seasonal Occult Rituals, Author: William G. Gray
Title: Magical Images and the Magical Imagination, Author: Gareth Knight
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Title: Magical Imagination: The Keys to Magic, Author: Nick Farrell
Title: Letters of Light, Author: William G. Gray
Title: The Old Sod: The Odd Life and Inner Work of William G. Gray, Author: Alan Richardson
Title: Working with Inner Light: The Magical Journal of William G. Gray, Author: William G. Gray
Title: The Secret Tradition in Arthurian Legend, Author: Gareth Knight
Title: The Irish Celtic Magical Tradition, Author: Steve Blamires
Title: I, Universe: Demolishing and Rebuilding Spirituality for a Scientific Age, Author: Darryl Sloan
Title: Yours Very Truly - Gareth Knight, Author: Gareth Knight
Title: ...and Egypt Is the River, Author: Michael S. Judge
Title: Diddle, Author: Daniel Staniforth
Title: Learning to Draw / A History, Author: Basil King
Title: The Passenger, Author: Richard Froude
Title: Esoteric Training in Everyday Life, Author: Gareth Knight
Title: Merlin and the Grail Tradition, Author: Gareth Knight

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