Title: Sekonyer River, Author: Karen Harrison
Title: Stones Of Ithaca, Author: Jonathan Dunne
Title: Secrets in the Sunset, Author: Iria Misa
Title: Memoirs of a Village Boy, Author: Xosé Neira Vilas
Title: Invisible Bodies, Author: Emma Pedreira
Title: Sad Weapons, Author: Marina Mayoral
Title: One Camellia Blossom: Poetry Anthology, Author: Luz Pozo Garza
Title: The Life of a Translator, Author: Jonathan Dunne
Title: Galician Songs, Author: Rosalía de Castro
Title: The Things of Ramón Lamote, Author: Paco Martín
Title: Greedy Flames, Author: Miguel Anxo Fernández
Title: Fossil Time and Book of Devorations, Author: Pilar Pallarés
Title: Kite, Author: Xavier Queipo
Title: Just Imagine, Merche!, Author: Fina Casalderrey
Title: Butterfly Wings, Author: Rosa Aneiros
Title: Solitude Island, Author: An Alfaya
Title: The DNA of the English Language, Author: Jonathan Dunne
Title: Collected Poems, Author: Lois Pereiro
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Title: Corridors of Shadow, Author: Agustín Fernández Paz
Title: His Excellency, Author: Carlos Casares

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